‘Sylc for AquaCare’ is a phosphosilicate based bio-glass material designed to replace Velopex fine grain Sodium Bicarbonate in the left hand chamber of your AquaCare unit – it will fit into any AquaCare unit, no matter how old.

The product is designed to offer an ability to remove stain, plaque and biofilm efficiently without the soft tissue sensitivity often associated with the crystalline structure of Sodium Bicarbonate. As a Silica based product there is no salty taste as there is with Sodium Bicarbonate. Sylc is a rounder, harder particle when compared to Sodium Bicarbonate making stain removal much more efficient at the same air pressures. The Sylc powder lightens the tooth surface restoring its natural pearlessence. The Sylc powder also removes more coffee, tobacco and betelnut stains, in a shorter period of time.

This makes Sylc a perfect product to use pre-whitening in order to prepare the teeth for the bleaching gel.

The main advantage of the bioglass is its ability to produce hydroxycarbonate apatite crystals (HCA) when combined with water (as in the water spray of an AquaCare unit) or saliva. The process starts immediately and takes effect over the following 24 hours. This means that during the stain removal procedure, open dentine tubules are occluded with HCA. This gives a much longer term desensitizing effect than can be obtained with Sodium Bicarbonate – which is water soluble.

Due to its properties as a bioglass, Sylc will only remove stain and damaged tooth material, leaving healthy tooth material intact – this is operator independent – making this product much easier to use.

Use Sylc after creating the cavity ready for bonding – then quickly to give a treated surface for perfect retention.

Benefits include:

   1. Remove stain with less soft tissue irritation and no salty taste

   2. Remove more stubborn plaque than Velopex Fine grain Sodium Bicarbonate.

   3. Treat while you clean

   4. Regeneration that leads to less sensitive brighter and healthier teeth.

   5. A restoration process that continues between visits to the dentist

NOTE: The green hand piece CANNOT be used with the Sylc powder.
           Use the silver hand piece with this powder.

Sylc for AquaCare


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