47 Years of Innovation
Research and development has been at the core of Velopex International’s business since the launch of the world's first automatic processor over four decades ago. Our dental understanding, appreciation and excellence is now transforming the abrasion fields of Restorative and Prophylaxis Dentistry. The fluid abrasion contained within AquaCare and delivered by its unique Venturi tip design, is moving abrasion from its dusty past to its glorious future. No longer just limited to abrading, AquaCare treats cases across endo, ortho, MID, hygiene, perio, peds, implant and hygiene platforms. 
AquaCare Fluid Abrasion and ‘Contactless Dentistry’ represents an innovative new way to prepare and clean teeth. Its breakthrough technology removes only the minimum of sound tooth material, eliminating the risk of chipping and stress fractures whilst simultaneously increasing bond strength with its texturing of the cavity surface. Its unique ’Nespresso’ concept allows simple changing of the media cartridges to suit the clinicians treatments - its even simpler with the AquaCare Twin – changing is at the flick the switch. It’s powerful, thorough and effective for abrasion yet gentle when used for prophylaxis. See why AquaCare is changing the way people are thinking. 
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