Velopex is delighted to announce the arrival of the new Velopex AquaCare ‘Superfine’ Sodium Bicarbonate Cleaning and Polishing Powder. This product is packed in the standard Aquacut clear plastic ‘pots’ and will work in any Aquacut model.

This ‘superfine’ powder offers some major benefits over the powder that it replaces. Due to the smaller particle size and reduced angularity there is less soft tissue tingling for the patient, making treatment more pleasant.

Sodium Bicarbonate is an excellent choice for Stain Removal and Polishing as well as for the removal of soft decay. The advantage of using Sodium Bicarbonate (at low pressures and low powder flow) for the removal of soft decay is that there is no chance of an exposure. As soon as the soft decay has been removed, the dentine beneath is harder than the Sodium Bicarbonate and no more removal will take place. If you were to take a standard dental probe to the newly exposed dentine, then you would discover that it is ‘leathery’. Clearly, at that point, you can return to your normal principles of dentistry. However, by using Aluminium Oxide (either 29 or 53 micron) in the cavity (at the same low pressures and low powder flow) you will be able to etch all surfaces ready for bonding and restoration.

NOTE: The green hand piece CANNOT be used with the Sodium Bicarbonate powder.
           Use the silver hand piece with this powder.

Powder - Sodium Bicarbonate
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