Designed for conservative dentistry, Aluminium Oxide helps the Clinician remove as little sound tooth material as is practical whilst removing decay and in a way that affords minimal discomfort to the patient.

A system of cutting tooth material that has met with some success has been air abrasion: it is almost a perfect way to prepare for adhesive materials. Air abrasion can cut conservatively and quietly without heat generation or vibration. The cut surface is perfectly textured for bonding adhesive material.

  • It is the perfect tool for conservative procedures - far more so than the turbine, because it minimises the loss of sound tooth structure.
  • It cuts tooth structure in a way that leaves the surface to be filled textured perfectly for adhesive material – minimum etch if at all.
  • It cuts without causing the stress fractures which are normally present with the use of rotary cutting instruments using Diamond and Tungsten burs.
  • It eliminates the noise of the air turbine whose whine strikes fear into the mind of many patients in the chair and waiting areas. The facts are that the most feared instruments in the dental armoury are the drill and the syringe needle - eliminate or reduce the use of these, and many more patients will be happy to make that important visit to the dentist.
  • It reduces the need for local anaesthesia because of its gentle cutting action.
  • It enables fast repair of existing composite fillings whose margins have begun to fail: why dig out the whole road when all it needs is resurfacing?

Aluminium Oxide is able to cut through: Ceramics, Composites, Compomers and Glass Ionomers as well as Enamel and Dentine. Up to 3 x faster when used with helium. Dental Practices who have been using Aquacut for any time are always enthusiastic about its abilities with ‘sticky’ fissures.

Outside the mouth, Aluminium Oxide is effective in removing cement and re-etching crowns and bridges. Orthdontic Practices are also enthusiastic about AquaCare Twin as a precision tool for placing orthodontic brackets.

Powder - Aluminum Oxide (29 Micron)

Aluminum Oxide, (29 Micron)

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